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Fri Apr 3 16:37:36 UTC 2015


so we booked and paid the awesome Shiv Shakti venue from 5th May
onwards, and we'll be staying there the whole month long + first week of
June + until we are done with tear down.

Here are some pics: https://www.flickr.com/gp/poeticdream/u0k92i

Bring your camping gear in place, and come up as soon as you can! Before
May we'll be having enough space in Ghoomakad/Infinity and around,
please let us know when you want to come, and what kind of accommodation
you'd like to have.

Plan is roughly as follows:

April - Preparations at Infinity/Ghoomakad in Rakkar (till 5th May)
5th May - Start space set-up (ongoing till the moment of tear-down ;)
7th May - Start the code-camp (ongoing till first days of June)
23rd May - Start School programme
23rd May - Start other Workshops and Sessions
3rd June - Start main conference
8th June - END

(Afterwards we might go again in smaller groups up into the mountains -
I hope I'll finally make it to Indrahar this time \o/ -- also I know
already about some people sticking around up here for longer.... join!)


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